Discover the historic monuments and characteristic places of Apulia.
The location of our hotel in Canosa di Puglia, near the archaeological sites, will allow you to visit the main attractions of the city including: St. Sabino’s Cathedral, the Castle, the Roman Bridge, St. Leucio’s Basilica and to visit the neighbouring cities.

Castel del Monte

Situated on a hill of the Murgia plateau, Castel del Monte is one of the characteristic monuments of the 13th century. The castle, built by Emperor Frederick II, ruler of the kingdom of Sicily, has an octagonal structure. Known for its impressiveness, Castel del Monte is part of UNESCO Heritage and has been included in the list of Italian national monuments. Venture into the paths of Murgia where you can taste the typical dishes of the hinterland accompanied by good wines and traditional flavours.


Also visit Alberobello with its characteristic trulli (small round stone houses with a conical roof) rich in history and traditions. Alberobello is a typical town of the hinterland of Bari, which every year welcomes many tourists, who want to discover the particular dry built pyramid-shaped houses.


It is ‘the city of olive oil” par excellence, also known as “the city of the bell towers” for the presence of three bell towers in the historic centre.


It is the “spur” of the Italian boot and it is a mountainous promontory entirely surrounded by the sea. Well-known for its stunning landscapes, its wide beaches and its healthy food, Gargano is one of the most popular attractions for tourists. Its territory also houses Gargano National Park where the vegetation, the paths surrounded by nature and the various animal species frame this wonderful destination.

Margherita di Savoia

It is known for its salt pans recognized as a State Nature Reserve from which salt is extracted. The salt pans are also an advantage for the local spa, which uses the mud and water contained in the salt pans for beauty treatment and therapies for its patients. Besides, along the salt marshes you can see the wonderful pink flamingos.


Also known as the “city of stones”, it was designated as 2019 European Capital of Culture. The city of Matera is characterized by its rural landscapes and the many events organized at national and international level.

San Giovanni Rotondo

This city is world-famous for the mortal remains of St. Pio from Pietrelcina in the town church. In San Giovanni Rotondo you can visit the old church where the Capuchin friar spent most of his life and the new church.

  • Castel del monte: 38 minutes by car
  • Alberobello: 90 minutes’ drive
  • Andria: 28 minutes by car
  • Gargano: 90 minutes’ drive
  • Margherita di Savoia: 26 minutes by car
  • Matera: 90 minutes’ drive
  • San Giovanni Rotondo: 67 minutes by car.

Come and discover the beauties of Apulia!